ASIA PETROCHEMICALS was established in 1989 in the UAE, with the objective of expanding the Groups footprint in the Middle East for Manufacturing, Trading, Distribution and Storage of Petrochemicals, Petroleum Products, Fuels and Polymers used in a  range of applications such as Pharmaceuticals, Industrial and Automotive Lubricants, Paints and Coatings, Aromatics, Adhesives, Food Packaging, Cosmetics, Plastics and Foam Manufacturing.

The company's forte is its State of the Art Ester Production Facilty based in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE which has a installed production capacity of 36,000 MTPA of various Acetates. It is the only such plant in UAE which manufactures and refines the highest quality of Ethyl, Butyl and Methyl Acetates. The Unit is also Integrated with a Storage Terminal within the Plant Facilities to store feedstocks as well as the finished products.

Another key segment for ASIA PETROCHEM is their Lubricants and Grease Manufacturing unit which blends high quality Industrial and Automotive Lubricants with their registered brand of SYNOL LUBES, and is now exported to over 17 countries in Africa and the Middle East. The Lubes division has been paramount in the Groups growth and still is the area of high importance to the management.  

Other activities of the Group includes a Trading vertical dealing in Products Like Base Oils, Bitumen, Fuels and Solvents, wherer we serve a expansive distribution network throughout the GCC, Africas and the Indian Subcontinent. The company has seen consistent organic growth across various industries over the years. Within the same umbrella, we also have ventured out in the production of Waxes, jellies and paraffin White Oils used in the various applications. 

Overall the company has seen excellent growth in the last couple of years which has complimented with strategic alliance to its suppliers along with aquisitions and developments of assets over the wide range of the Chemicals spectrum