Welcome to Asia Petrochemicals - UAE

the Leading name in Gulf for Specialty Chemicals Distribution.

ASIA PETROCHEM, based in UAE is one of the fastest growing name in Manufacturing, Distribution & International Trade of Chemicals and Downstream Petrochemicals.

Acetates Manufacturing
  Esters are organic intermediates, also known as Acetates, which find direct applications in, or as precursors, to advance Intermediates and Fine Chemicals used in a ..
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Polymers & Plastics
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Petroleum & Derivatives
Asia Petrochem LLC and the founding Group has been in the Middle East since the last 30 years and has gained immense experience in trading of essential petroleum commodities throug ..
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Bitumen, Emulsion & Cutbacks
One of the Core Products of Asia Petrochem since its inceptions has been Bitumen and its derived products. Over the last 15 years we have been involved in the Bulk and Drummed movement of th ..
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Waxes, Jellies and White Oils
Waxes refer to a By- product derived after the dewaxing of the LubeCuts in the process of crude distillation. On further Refining, the downstream products of the Waxes obtaine ..
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Solvents & Chemicals
Asia Petrochemicals, through its Subsidiary and Storage Facilities specificaly designated for Chemicals and HAZ cargoes is involved in the DIstribution and Trading of SOLVENTS and Chemi ..
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Lubricants Manufacturing
SYNOL LUBES is the flagship brand Our Range of AUTOMOTIVE AND INDUSTRIAL LUBES, BRAKE FLUIDS and GREASES. Our products are Blended, Packed and Distributed via a chain of diligent and tire ..
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